Meet our Unique international Tantra Teachers 


“Tantra is a deep relaxation into the Love that You Are, a total acceptance and celebration of the present moment. For Tantra Light and Darkness are One”


       Santoshi Amor

An international Tantra teacher with genuine passion and spontaneity who has embodied the essence of Tantra for the last 25 years.
She is the creator of the international TANTRA WOMAN TRAINING, the IBIZA GODDESS RETREAT and the popular IBIZA TANTRA FESTIVAL.
She dropped her career as an architect to follow her heart and lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years where she became a Tantra and Meditation teacher.

Leaving Osho commune she retreated in silence and isolation in the Himalayas to practice Tibetan Tantra.
Intimacy and Love are her quest in life. She has explored deeply the art of conscious love and conscious sexuality. She is based in Ibiza where she gathers people from all over the world to experience Living Tantra at the Ibiza Tantra Festival.Her work brings individuals into Authenticity and Love.
Her Passion is to support women to bloom into their higher potential.



Tantra Teacher

Therapist, Gestalt therapy and Meditation Facilitator

Maha Devi offers individual therapy sessions, group meditation sessions, and organizes and facilitates yoga retreats, meditation retreats, and personal growth workshops, which she calls Alternative Holidays.

Her passion is to provide a space where people can allow themselves to just be and from there, awaken and connect with the divinity within themselves. Maha Devi creates a warm, close, and peaceful atmosphere in both individual sessions and workshops, as well as during the Alternative Holidays.



Tantra Teacher and Sexual Healer

An explorer of love and meaning of life, that has brought her to self-empowerment and freedom of forgiveness. She loves to be an inspiration to expand ourselves beyond imagination. Her tenderness holds you in love, and her presence supports you to go further. She has been a group leader for over 15 years, as Tantra teacher and TV-director.

She creates a safe space for transforming rituals, the expression of feelings, acting out archetypes and explore your deeper waters as well as joy and laughter.

Belinda ( Spain )

 Co Facilitator, Tantra Massage Therapist, Creative Dancer

She offers Tantra workshops for women & private sessions for couples. Trained in Tantra, breath & body work, Californian & Tantric massage, emotional awareness, belly & creative dance & Akashic Records.  

For her Tantra Woman has been a beautiful journey of rediscovering her authentic woman: by embodying her sensuality, sexuality & pleasure, feeling & expressing her emotions, her playful & wild woman & her Power, connecting with her heart, with love, compassion & vulnerability, speaking her truth & setting boundaries, sharing her creativity, being in touch with her intuition & her soul & the sacredness of being a woman!

Her passion is accompanying you on your own journey of rediscovering your feminine essence, who you really are. 

In her workshops she creates a space of loving presence/women’s circle where you can fully open to yourself as a woman, experience deep healing & transformation & the joy of being alive!

Delighted to be a part of this project.    



Co Facilitator, Bodyworker, Cacao-Priestess

Janet is a health practitioner specializing in womb healing, bodywork, and spiritual coaching. She leads her own women’s circle, with a focus on menopause support. In addition, Janet collaborates with Tantra Woman to facilitate circles in Ibiza, creating transformative spaces for women.

Her diverse expertise extends to leading transformative 5 element dance sessions and cacao ceremonies. Known as a cacao shaman, Janet skillfully blends herbs and nutrition to promote holistic well-being.

Janet’s extensive experience and training in holistic healing modalities are enriched by her personal journey of overcoming challenges such as breast cancer. This unique blend of expertise, compassion, and spiritual insight forms the cornerstone of her work, offering a holistic approach to healing and empowerment.


Body Therapist

Her “chronic” pain led her to explore her physical, mental and emotional bodies, the memories that inhabit it and the investigation of Pain-Pleasure, entering deeply into the wound of the inner child and the bonds in relationships.

Its Medicine is to guide and accompany processes of Reminding yourself of the Magical Being that you are through dance, the Voice of the Soul, the Shamanic Ancestral Chant and the conscious touch massage. She invites you to express yourself and shine in your Authenticity with what is in the present moment.

Her project: DelCuerpoalSer: “Dance, Voice and Tantra, an encounter with my Soul.”
Instagram: @delcuerpoalser


She is a psycologist, trainer and therapist with 15 years of international experience. She has guided several thousand leaders through profound transformations, regaining their mission, passion, authentic power and expression. She intensively deepened her experience of tantra with practices and teachings in the area of ​​working with trauma, working with the body, breath, sexuality and consciousness with leading Oshowski teachers. Primal therapist – the legendary process of healing the inner child, certified therapist in the NARM approach (working with relational trauma), breathwork therapist of the three-year Osho school
Diamond Breath, facilitates workshops and sessions for healing developmental trauma, regaining the flow of energy in the body and embodying your essence. Fascinated by the pace and depth of transformation resulting from the combination of these processes, she created QUEST – therapeutic and meditation journeys to
yourself, leading to the recovery and embodiment of your Essence.


Tantra Teacher & Heart Reader

“A woman truly at home in her body, awake in her heart and peacefully loving herself is a healing balm for our world”

Anya Heidi has come to live this truth through her lifelong relationship with nature, through learning what death teaches us about fully living, and through her deep immersion in Tantra.
She is a Vision Quest guide, a Tantra teacher, and a healing practitioner whose work focuses on the power of love, and liberation from fear into bliss.


JANET ( Germany )

Organizer and back office

Janet is a versatile force behind Tantra Woman trainings, not only co-facilitating with passion but also diligently managing administration and bookings behind the scenes. Her dedication ensures every aspect of the trainings runs smoothly, providing participants with a seamless and transformative experience. With Janet’s expertise, Tantra Woman’s empowering journey becomes even more enriching.

Organizer and back office

NOELIA (Spain)

Noelia passionately creates and orchestrates events and experiences centered around elevated consciousness, well-being, education, and the joy of healthy recreation.

Noe seamlessly blends diverse elements from the rich tapestry of her life: mantra, yoga, dance, meditation, music, tantra, circus, and vibrant festivities. Each event becomes a dynamic intersection of these worlds, elevating the human spirit.

At the forefront of her projects are MantraFest, Tantra Woman, and La Nave Ibiza, as well as renowned festivals like Ibiza Tantra Festival, Ibiza Tango Love, Barcelona Yoga Day, and more.

Embark on a journey into Noe’s world by exploring her Instagram: @noe_noelia_eventos, and discover the empowering magic she weaves through her extraordinary events.


Y recibirás un audio con la poderosa meditación de Atisha guiada por Santoshi

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