Are you making love often?

‘Making love to the stars and the sky and the clouds. It will be a little crazy but it will bring immense bliss, making love to the earth, to the grass, to the trees, just being in love with everything that exists. That is becoming a partner, an erotic partner of the...

The Power of the Feminine

The feminine is life itself. Its Power is rooted in the present, in the experience of the moment...NOW: By trusting feminine qualities and cultivating them a woman can find ease, relaxation and fulfillments. Cultivating your Feminine qualities you start grounding your...

Three Ways of SELF LOVE

Love starts with One-Self.Are you loving yourself these days?? Test this three Ways to come back home and feel loved. 1.- Take sometime alone, enjoy nature, sitting by a tree,walking in a Park, contemplating the sea, the birds, the clouds.Stop for a moment and...

Why only women Circles?

Why tantra woman circles? For what? SINCE ancient times societies created spaces where to relax and bond within the same gender. These gatherings were deeply nourishing for both sexes. Men would go hunting and women would cook or knit together…a space to recharge and...

We love Men…to makes us happy…:):)

HOW TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY 1. Feed him 2. Sleep with him 3. Leave him alone 4. Do not check his phone (messages) 5. Do not bother him for what he does How hard is that? HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN HAPPY Actually it is not too difficult... To make a woman happy A man only needs...

What defines a Tantra Woman?

A Tantra Woman Celebrates her Wholeness as a Woman. She is rooted in her body that she honours as her temple. She rejoices in its pleasures and shares her sensuality without shame. She knows her beauty and Grace are her gifts to the world. A Tantra Woman Feels Deeply...

How tantra influenced my life, how did it change my life?

I am in the Path of Tantra since 22 years…so it is difficult to remember how I WAS BEFORE i dived into this Magic world …                                                              At that time I was a young successful Arquitect and I loved my profession!…however...


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