“Tantra is the Art of transforming
Sex into Love through Awareness.”

These residential gatherings are for couples who are interested in deepening their connection, so they can live their sexuality and intimacy with more awareness and creativity, and become more loving, authentic, empathic… present.

The training is designed in 3 circular modules that you can join randomly. Each module addresses a different aspect of your relating. Love making meditations are part of each course and will be practice in the privacy of your own room.


Although we recomend you to do the whole journey you can choose to do only one module.

Tantra partners become soul mates not because they make each other “happy forever” but because they challenge each other to become more real and authentic. Tantra invites you to take the courage to confront your fears and limitations so you can open to more acceptance, compassion and bliss.





Each course is a unique an exciting self-discovery process that allows to deepen your intimacy as you learn new ways to connect through meditations, massages and other exciting techniques.

You will learn:

  • Receptive, conscious communication
  • The art of loving touch
  • Emotional awareness
  • Tools to feel deeper and expose your vulnerability
  • Sexuality as a way into Love and Ecstasy


  • Sensual awakening
  • Shake stagnation and bring freshness to your relating
  • Heal past wounds and increase sexual pleasure
  • Deepening intimacy and trust
  • Awaken playfulness and spontaneity
  • Discover sexuality as a path for self growth


  • Tantra meditations and rituals
  • Massage and body awareness
  • Dance and playful interaction
  • Conscious communication and intimate sharing
  • Love Making Meditations (on your bedroom)

Module 1: THE SUN

energy · ecstasy · pick orgasm

Wake up your raw energy, become more alive and meet your partner in an unpredictable flow of complementary energies.

We address:

  • Sex energy activation and Flow
  • The language of Orgasm
  • Sensual Awakening.
  • Making Love in Yang

Module 2: THE MOON

receptivity · intimacy · valley orgasm

Allow yourself to drop in the depth of your Heart and expose your vulnerability.

We address:

  • The Art of loving Touch
  • Emotional awareness
  • Intimate Communication
  • Making Love in Yin


Once we opened the channels of energy free flow and unconditional Love we are ready to merge in Oneness… sometimes wild, sometimes in deep relaxation. When Sex and Heart meet, magic happens.

We address:

  • Meditation as the Key for a Mature sexual union
  • Presence in the flow of passion
  • Orgasmic Stillness: The door to Bliss
  • Yin/Yang Love Making

“Tantra will take your relationship and your sex life into a new dimension”

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Y recibirás un audio con la poderosa meditación de Atisha guiada por Santoshi

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