Tantra Woman is a sensual and juicy journey… a free-spirited, daring, and conscious exploration.
In each encounter, we create together a loving and safe space to explore our fears and to connect beyond our personalities. Here, we nourish ourselves through our bodies and hearts, rediscovering and celebrating together our essential qualities. A profoundly transformative journey that will provide you with a deep understanding of your wholeness as a woman. The training is named after the Tibetan goddess Tara, symbolizing the Awakening of the Feminine.

6 residential modules of 6 days each to embody the various archetypes of womanhood.


You can start the training in any of the modules/archetypes and only when you complete at least two modules you will be able to participate in the advanced level YELLOW TARA.
Upon completion of the training (which can be self-paced) you will receive the diploma.

In addition to being a deeply transformative journey on a personal level, the Tantra Woman modular training will give you the tools, energetic understanding and support to begin to sustain your own women’s circles, either informally, or professionally as part of the Tantra Woman team.

All courses are experiential and include: Tantric meditations, nature rituals, breathing, massage, shamanic journeys, group sharing and interaction, silence and creativity (singing, dancing, painting ……). 

RED TARA · Body Love &

Sexual Empowerment

Red Tara invites you to reclaim your sexual energy and pleasure, to awaken your sensuality and sensitivity, to truly feel and access a blissful state of Being.

In this module we will focus in reconnecting with our bodies. We will use movement, breath and self-massage, and massage exchange, to learn ways to let energy flow through us, inviting more pleasure, aliveness and relaxation into our system.

We will be tuning into our own sensitivity and emotional intelligence, so that we can touch again from a place of innocence and lovingness. A unique opportunity to let go of Shame and to dive into the mysteries of your own body.

An invitation to awaken the sensual, passionate and  fierce feminine within. A step into start living from your own authority, inviting spontaneity and true expression in each moment.


“Continue to pursue your desire, refining it, gaining more and more clarity, and soon you will find the beauty that is you”

You will learn to:

  • Open to the free flow of sexual energy
  • Let go of body shame and insecurity
  • Regain the love and pleasure of feeling your body alive
  • Celebrate and shine your natural beauty without imitating social stereotypes
  • Become aware of your inner power as a wild, sensual and sensitive woman

Some of the benefits of this process: 

  • Awaken your sensitivity and sensuality
  • Master your emotions
  • Heal the blockages to full sexual expression
  • Rediscover your immense capacity for pleasure
  • Experience the support and magic of the Women Circle.

“Together we will learn to surrender into cosmic orgasm, laugh in ecstasy and cry tears of joy at the beauty that we hold within“.

WHITE TARA · The Power of Love

White Tara is the goddess of Love and Authenticity. She comes to show you how, when a woman stands in her Truth, rooted in her heart, life opens to her. She invites you to become vulnerable, open to the moment, and true. She invites you to simply Be… yourself.

This module focus on recovering our capacity to feel and the ability to communicate with clarity and gentleness. Our aim is to create a safe and supportive environment, so we can embrace our fears and drop our defenses.

A space where to listen to our hearts and gather the courage to start living according to them and like this dissolving patterns of limitation, which have been playing as a result of conditioning.

White tara invites you to:

  • Wake up to who you truly are
  • Discover your full potential as a woman
  • Learn to embrace your shadows
  • Awaken your inner beauty and shine
  • Transform each moment of your life in an act of love

You will learn to:

  • Open to feel, dropping your defenses and becoming more vulnerable
  • Reconnect with your feminine lineage and embrace old wounds
  • Remove the obstacles that avoid the flow of love to move through your body
  • Explore your emotional world: learn to transform anger into Power, tears into Love
  • Relax and respect your own rhythms


  • Discover the power of sisterhood
  • Develop the feminine gift of healing love
  • Becoming authentic. Learning to say YES and NO
  • Nourish your body by the art of Loving touch
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Awaken your sensitivity and sense of beauty

“Awakening as Love, is not an achievement. It is a blossoming of your own being”



“By visiting the centre of ourselves we join the Circle of Wise Women… we start living from within.”

Green Tara shows you how to live in the unknown, responding to life moment to moment, spontaneously and wisely. Green Tara shows you how to Die and be Reborn in each moment. how to keep unfolding your gifts and reinventing  yourself. reminds you to listen to your inner voice and to awaken the Wise woman within. The Woman that moves though life guided by her intuition. 

An opportunity to reconnect and activate your energetic potential, and to open to the creativity that is aligned with your core essence. Find out:


  • What is your heart’s expression
  • How your soul would like to dance with life
  • How to express your creative power in daily life
  • What is bringing your love to flower

Some of the benefits of this process:

    • Discover your natural healing powers and psychic abilities
    • Explore your life purpose and prosperity consciousness and how to manifest your dreams.
    • Feel the freedom of opening your throat and unleash your Power
    • Allow sounds of anger and empathy, of pain and pleasure, of sadness and joy
    • Learn ways to maintain feminine vitality and use it as fuel for creativity
    • Receive support and appreciation for who you Truly are
  • Rediscover your creativity and unique gifts
  • Become more Intuitive, empathic and sensitive with yourself and others
  • Learn psychic and healing techniques to apply to your daily life
  • Become an empowered woman rooted in your femininity
  • Be nourished by the Circle of Women


“When you are fully in the moment, open and receptive, you become a channel of the Unknown. Your Life becomes a Masterpiece.” Santoshi

This second part of the TANTRA WOMAN Training is for those women who have already completed the Basic Training – Red, White and Green Tara – and want to deepen this work.

The ADVANCED TRAINING modules can be done in any order.

BLACK TARA: The Integrated Woman

Once we have explored all the different aspects of our Feminine Essence in the Base Training, we are ready to face the masculine within.

Unless we learn the dance of feminine and masculine energies within us we can not be complete as women. To recognise “your inner masculine” and invite this part of you to mature is essential in your evolution as a Woman. We learn how to “hold the space” for our own feminine, and make it shine.
Only then we understand and trust the male energy, and we can make peace with men, in order to manifest a Healthy relationship with a man, from a space of sharing, not “needing”.

In this course you will be invited to:

  • Recognise and explore your masculine within
  • Heal past wounds stored in your system
  • Reconcile with your male lineage
  • Explore your body in depth
  • Open to your natural sensual and sexual expression
  • Remove shame from the root
  • Learn to surrender and trust (yourself, men and ultimately life itself)
  • Learn to bring our feminine presence and grace to each moment of our life

Some of the benefits of this process:

  • Enjoy your body and its sensual pleasure
  • Become finally truly empowered as a woman
  • Become more familiar with your inner dance of male and female energies
  • Allow your masculine to hold you, so your feminine can finally trust and relax

The Practises include:

  • Osho Active Meditations
  • Tantra meditations and rituals
  • Role play
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Breath and Energy work
  • Tantra Massage Sacred Spot ritual
  • Group sharing, awareness and silence

Unless we learn the dance of feminine and masculine energies within us we can not be complete as women.

PURPLE TARA : Beyond Woman

This module enriches the basis of meditative awareness.  Your capacity to be totally present in the Now : sensing, observing, feeling, and simply… Being.

Meditation and Silence will be part of our regular practises as well as self awareness and Self-inquiry: Who Am I? Our intention here is to support you to access to deeper spaces within and to invite recognition of who you are  beyond your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  An opportunity to Awakened to your true nature.

In order to bring more attention to Being versus Doing we will ask you to remind in silence for 3-5 days and away from your phone.     

Another big part of this course is to bring awareness to the patterns of your Personality that keeps you trapped.  For this we will use different role play exercises and creative ways to allow your shadow parts to come out into the light and be expressed freely so they can be loved and embraced by your consciousness.               

As in previous courses we will use Tantra Meditations and Shamanic Rituals, Awareness on the Breath, Conscious touch, Intimate sharing and Silence to access deeper layers of your feminine wisdom.

For those of you who cannot come to the residential format, Tantra Woman offers the first three modules in weekend meetings in Barcelona.

YELLOW TARA: Icarnate Joy

In this module we explore in depth our physical and energetic body with the intention of opening ourselves in totality to our innate capacity for Joy.

The first step to open ourselves to full enjoyment is the breath, then we will begin breathing every morning to allow the places of tension to soften and relax, inviting the energy to flow freely through the body.

We will open ourselves to the loving and sensual touch of Kashmiri Massage. good puts us in connection with our pleasure, joy and surrender.

And we will experience two Tantra rituals:

– “G Spot Ritual” which opens the doors to healing and deep pleasure in our wombs.

– Rituals of “Sexual Magic” to use our sexual energy and channel it in the direction of manifestation needed in your life.

As in all other modules we will practice tantric meditations, conscious movement and sharing circles.

When we inhabit and feel our bodies deeply sensuality and creativity are part of our daily expression. Fears dissolve and we begin to share our gifts and manifest that life that our heart longs for, we open ourselves to our “Power of Manifestation”.

This course is advanced, you must have completed at least two tantra woman courses and/or be fluent with nudity, massage and emotional release.


Y recibirás un audio con la poderosa meditación de Atisha guiada por Santoshi

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