Espontaneidad y pasión genuinas encarnando la Esencia del Tantra

Santoshi es una maestra de ámbito internacional que ha encarnado la esencia del Tantra durante los últimos 20 años. Su presencia amorosa y su pasión y espontaneidad invitarán a descubrir aspectos ocultos de tí misma.

Es la creadora de la Formación TANTRA WOMAN (que ya es muy popular en Finalandia , Polonia). Actualmente  sostiene dos encuentros internacionales de Tantra: el IBIZA GODDESS RETREAT y el muy célebre y multitudinario IBIZA TANTRA FESTIVAL.

Su Pasión es apoyar, en especial, a las mujeres a florecer, empoderarse y encarnar su naturaleza esencial.

Santoshi dejó su profesión de arquitecta para seguir a su corazón y vivir en la Comunidad de Osho en India donde vivió 12 años y se formó como maestra de Tantra y Meditación.  Posteriormente se retiró por un año a los Himalayas para profundizar en el silencio a través de el Tantra Tibetano.

La Intimidad y el Amor forman parte integrante de su misión vital. Ha experimentado diferentes relaciones y explorado profundamente el arte del amor y la sexualidad consciente. 

Actualmente  reside en Ibiza donde organiza festivales internacionales y cursos de Tantra.

“Tantra es una relajación profunda en el Amor que ya Eres. El Tantra te invita a descubrirte como un fluir de energía en continuo cambio; Luz y Oscuridad son diferentes expresiones de este fluir eterno”




Tantra Teacher and Sexual Healer

An explorer of love and meaning of life, that has brought her to self-empowerment and freedom of forgiveness. She loves to be an inspiration to expand ourselves beyond imagination. Her tenderness holds you in love, and her presence supports you to go further. She has been a group leader for over 15 years, as Tantra teacher and TV-director.

She creates a safe space for transforming rituals, the expression of feelings, acting out archetypes and explore your deeper waters as well as joy and laughter.



Tantra Teacher & Heart Reader

Anya Heidi has come to live this truth through her lifelong relationship with nature, through learning what death teaches us about fully living, and through her deep immersion in Tantra.
She is a Vision Quest guide, a Tantra teacher, and a healing practitioner whose work focuses on the power of love, and liberation from fear into bliss.

“A woman truly at home in her body, awake in her heart and peacefully loving herself is a healing balm for our world”



Tantra Teacher and Tantra Massage Master Therapist

Tantra teacher and professional trainer with over 16 years of training experience, life coach, body&breath worker. Certified facilitator of Osho meditations and professional Tantra Massage Therapist. Conducting trainings for men and women on sexuality & relationships, Tantra Massage Professional Trainings, energy work and sexual Shamanism. Leading Tantra Women Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and Ecstatic Dance Evenings where she exercises her passion for shamanic meditation, DJ-ing and dancing. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create a safe space for transformation and growth.



Cacao Priestess & Tantric Practicioner

The tantric touch takes you on a journey to your heart. Without expectations and pressure to perform, you can lovingly accept and open your heart.
Fall in love with your own body and Join a conscious perception into your inner world.

Janet is on a spiritual path for over 22 years she trained with various international Tantra teachers, and is also a Cacao Priestess.



Profesora de Yoga y Meditación

Satya es una Profesora de Yoga, Meditación y Terapeuta profundamente centrada en el corazón. Su misión y pasión es tocar las vidas de aquellos a quienes conoce a un nivel profundo.
Originalmente graduada como enfermera, Satya redirigió su pasión hacia la medicina alternativa graduándose en Medicina Tradicional China, Terapia Cráneo-Sacral y Chi Nei Tsang (masaje abdominal).

Vivió en Asia durante 13 años, estudió y practicó con Maestros del “No Dualismo” en todo el mundo.



Food Coach

She is our Tantra Food Coach. Vital food lover and innovative creator of health concepts.
Aliwalu has a method for Vital living that is simple to understand and integrate. A complete life changer.
She is an author and a Hi Vibration creative Chef, Health coach and Vital food consultant.

She give inspirational talks, Vital cuisine courses internationally, Detox Retreats and Vital Cuisine certificate intensive and joyful.
Author of the book “El poder del alimento Cocina Vital” available in Amazon.



Tantra Trainer

Tantra trainer for woman for Prem Santoshi’s school in Poland and certificated Tantra masseuse in John Hawken’s school. She is leading Tantra Woman Circle. Certificated vocalist and voice trainer. Ania is holding voice workshops and gives individual voice lessons. She gives jazz concerts as well. She is living the healing journey through mystery of life.

«Life is not a problem to be solved but a mistery to be lived».



Facilitadora de Tantra, Sanadora y Organizadora

Premamui ofrece tantra a nivel internacional, de forma privada y en grupos. Además facilita círculos de mujeres.

Su pasión es ofrecer a los demás una oportunidad de conocer de forma directa naturaleza más esencial, trayendo consciencia a todos los aspectos de la existencia humana. Premamui crea una atmósfera de respeto, compasión, confianza, relajación y juego en sus talleres y sesiones.

Pravasi (Sweden)

Pravasi (Sweden)

Tantrika, Yogini, Shamanic healer, mentor & coach

Pravasi is fascinated and dedicated to especially women’s awakening, supporting the divine feminine and shakti powers to arise in both men and women.

She is and has been a devoted seeker for the last two decades. Lately also specialising in a healing activation of the sacred g-spot for women. She offers energy work as well as individual sessions.




Organizer and back office

Meera is always behind the scenes in the Tantra Woman Community and Ibiza Tantra Festival. Her soul purpose is to awaken as much as possible in this lifetime. Her everyday life is her deepest meditation, her way to experience True and Total Living.

Meera feels blessed in supporting Tantra gatherings and Women Circles. Her passion in life is creating spaces for people on their way to Awakening.




Anni organices Tantra Woman work in Finland. She has been committed to the Tantra path since 2016, when she participated to Santoshi’s courses. Through them she came to realice things about her womanhood that were deeply hidden and felt ready to work on them. Tantra is one of the most important elements to make her life more free and fulfilling.

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