Private Sessions
with Santoshi in Ibiza


Each session is individually tailored and may include counseling, energy work, emotional release, massage, dance, therapy and Tantra meditations and rituals. All sessions last 2 to 3 hours.

After a short consultation we dive into the experiential guided practice. The sessions can be booked individually or with a friend, or a lover. For a private training (minimum 3 sessions) you will be given methods to practice in between sessions so the experience of tantra can sink deeper.
Depending on the type of session there might be nudity.


Couples are guided in different aspects of their relating in order to deepen their connection.

An opportunity to explore, enrich, open up and transform your relationship.

Sexual union is a door provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being. Tantra provides methods to open that door with sensitivity and intelligence —thereby creating a tremendous development resource of conscious love—.


We will use Tantra Meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra to bring attention to the senses through eating, touching, smelling, listening and seeing.

Tantra Massage is an ancient Art that uses the sense of touch to connect deeply with yourself and others from a place of sensitivity.

It’s a holistic massage that integrates vulnerability and passion, emotions and sensitivity, love and spirit.
When receiving the session with your beloved you will be guided to give and receive touch from each other. This form of massage helps to deepen intimacy, awakens sensuality and presence and it is a great preparation for love making.

Healing happens—through love, through presence, through the courage to come closer


(3 to 10 sessions recommended)

In this series of sessions you will learn the fascinating Art of Love. We will address the following topics:

  • How to give and receive loving touch
  • Sensuality as a door to more fulfilling sexual union
  • The importance of honest communication
  • Feelings versus Emotion. Learning response-ability
  • How can men last longer during sex
  • Differences of male/female sexuality
  • Valley orgasm (avoiding the picks)
  • The importance of Self pleasure, owning your ecstasy!
  • Integrating Love and Sex and Spirit

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