Purple Tara


September 23, 2024 - September 29, 2024    
5:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Facilitators: Santoshi & Tantra Woman Team

This module enriches the basis of meditative awareness. Your capacity to be totally present in the Now : sensing, observing, feeling, and simply… Being.
Meditation and Silence will be part of our regular practises as well as self awareness and Self-inquiry: Who Am I? Our intention here is to support you to access to deeper spaces within and to invite recognition of who you are beyond your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. An opportunity to Awakened to your true nature.
In order to bring more attention to Being versus Doing we will ask you to remind in silence for 5 days and away from your phone. Please make arrangement with family and work to make it happen!
Another big part of this course is to bring awareness to the patterns of your Personality that keeps you trapped. For this we will use different role play exercises and creative ways to allow your shadow parts to come out into the light and be expressed freely so they can be loved and embraced by your consciousness.
As in previous courses we will use Tantra Meditations and Shamanic Rituals, Awareness on the Breath, Conscious touch, Intimate sharing and Silence to access deeper layers of your feminine wisdom.
This course is part of the TANTRA WOMAN Advance Training, a deeply transformative journey on a personal level that will also empower you to start supporting your own women’s circles

when: 23-29 Sep
Where: Ibiza www.cancoves.com

Limited places, book soon!

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