Advanced Training

This second part of TANTRA WOMAN TRAINING is for those women who completed the Base Training (Red, White and Green Tara) and want to dive deeper into this work. The modules of the ADVANCED TRAINING can be joined randomly.


BLACK TARA: The Integrated Woman

Once we have explored all the different aspects of our Feminine Essence in the Base Training, we are ready to face the masculine within.

Unless we learn the dance of feminine and masculine energies within us we can not be complete as women. To recognise “your inner masculine” and invite this part of you to mature is essential in your evolution as a Woman. We learn how to “hold the space” for our own feminine, and make it shine.
Only then we understand and trust the male energy, and we can make peace with men, in order to manifest a Healthy relationship with a man, from a space of sharing, not “needing”.

In this course you will be invited to:

  • Recognise and explore your masculine within
  • Heal past wounds stored in your system
  • Reconcile with your male lineage
  • Explore your body in depth
  • Open to your natural sensual and sexual expression
  • Remove shame from the root
  • Learn to surrender and trust (yourself, men and ultimately life itself)
  • Learn to bring our feminine presence and grace to each moment of our life

Some of the benefits of this process:

  • Enjoy your body and its sensual pleasure
  • Become finally truly empowered as a woman
  • Become more familiar with your inner dance of male and female energies
  • Allow your masculine to hold you, so your feminine can finally trust and relax

The Practises include:

  • Osho Active Meditations
  • Tantra meditations and rituals
  • Role play
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Breath and Energy work
  • Tantra Massage Sacred Spot ritual
  • Group sharing, awareness and silence

Unless we learn the dance of feminine and masculine energies within us we can not be complete as women.


PURPLE TARA : Beyond Woman

This module enriches the basis of meditative awareness.  Your capacity to be totally present in the Now : sensing, observing, feeling, and simply… Being.

Meditation and Silence will be part of our regular practises as well as self awareness and Self-inquiry: Who Am I? Our intention here is to support you to access to deeper spaces within and to invite recognition of who you are  beyond your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  An opportunity to Awakened to your true nature.

In order to bring more attention to Being versus Doing we will ask you to remind in silence for 3-5 days and away from your phone.     

Another big part of this course is to bring awareness to the patterns of your Personality that keeps you trapped.  For this we will use different role play exercises and creative ways to allow your shadow parts to come out into the light and be expressed freely so they can be loved and embraced by your consciousness.               

As in previous courses we will use Tantra Meditations and Shamanic Rituals, Awareness on the Breath, Conscious touch, Intimate sharing and Silence to access deeper layers of your feminine wisdom.



In this module we invite Men to our temple. 

Inside each Woman there is a Powerful Man and inside each Man there is a delicate Woman. Tantra shows you the Path to became and Integrated Human being by mastering the inner dance of your feminine-masculine polarities. Only when you have master this dance you can have a mature relating with others and with Life itself.

This course is an invitation to Dive in your essence as a WO-MAN and discover hidden facets of yourself.

We will welcome Men in our temple and after an opening ceremony we will separate for two days in which we will explore our contra-sexual side. When meeting again we will explore how it is when we relate not from the men-woman conditioning but as complete integrated Human Beings.

It is a deep transformative journey whether you come alone or with your life partner.

Once you’ve completed the 6 Modules you will receive a certificate of attendance.




Y recibirás un audio con la poderosa meditación de Atisha guiada por Santoshi

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