The feminine is life itself.

Its Power is rooted in the present, in the experience of the moment…NOW:

By trusting feminine qualities and cultivating them a woman can find ease, relaxation and fulfillments.

Cultivating your Feminine qualities you start grounding your self in your natural Power.

Simple ways to start the journey to the feminine:

1.- Allow Spontaneity.
Start trusting your inner impulses.
Let go of being “perfect” or “proper” and just PLAY!, like a child,
Allow yourself to be even messy.
You will notice how when you let go of control a very light sensation,
takes you…simple happiness of being.

2.- Listen to your body. Bow down to its wisdom. Ask your body what it wants…
it may answer you with sounds of Joy or disgust.
Find out what your body enjoys eating or doing…
Allow it to guide you into exercising, dancing, singing…let it show you its power and gifts.

3.- Invite more and more moments of “Grace” in your life…moments in which you just stop and BE…
totally present in the moment.
No thoughts, just sensing…delighting in the senses…

4.- Slow down and breath…Take a puse…when life starts taking you into a race…simply STOP!,
remember there is no-where to go…Life is happening NOw. Through you.


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