February 21, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – February 23, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
Yoga school Shanti
RED TARA I: Sexual Empowerement @ Helsinki


Welcome into the temple of the feminine. A space to BE YOURSELF!
It is time for women to reclaim our energy and immense capacity for pleasure.
Through Tantra Meditations you can access a blissful state of being and regain the means to your own sexual pleasure.

“Let us unveil together!. Drop the false layers of conditioning and support each other to shine the Wild, Sensual and Wise woman Within.
Together we learn how to surrender into cosmic orgasm, laugh in ecstasy and cry tears of joy at the beauty that we hold within us.”

In this course you will:
– Open to the free flow of sexual energy.
– Awaken Body Sensitivity through touch.
– Learn the language of Female Orgasm.
– Celebrate your natural beauty without imitating social stereotypes.
– Discover the Support of The Intimate Circle of Women

This course is mostly experiential, we will practice:
Tantra Meditations and Rituals,
Emotional Release,
Dance Celebration,
Intimate sharing and Silence

Santoshi and Anya Heidi, our highly experienced International Tantra teachers, will hold a loving and safe space for you to bloom into your maximum potential as a woman.

270 € (Early bird 230 € until 20.1)

Limited spaces, books soon!
Check out the event on Facebook here!

Contact Anni for registration and questions at

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